G & S Logistics offers a comprehensive 3PL solution to all business from the large corporation through to the home business. Our services and processes are designed to;

- Provide real inventory accuracy

- Provide visibility and transparency of costs

- Generate resolutions to current pain points

- Cater for the need to lower costs

- Drive process and structure into inventory management and fulfilment

- Promote planning and communications

- Deliver results





Our solutions and services have been honed by extensive experience in warehouse and Logistics by the Executive team, and first-hand experience in generating and Implementing Supply Chain, Warehousing, and Distribution solutions.





The partners of G & S Logistics boast a total of 35 years’ experience within the 3PL, Supply-chain and Warehousing Industries, and have received industry recognition from the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia.


- Senior roles within large scale logistics operations across varied sectors

- Development and implementation of innovative supply chain solutions which resulted in hugely improved service levels

- Identified and achieved significant reductions in operating costs in consecutive business enterprises and disciplines

- Developed and implemented strategic warehouse management systems

- Extensive consulting experience across multiple business areas

- Delivered sustainable inventory and cost reduction programs


The G & S LOGISTICS industry knowledge and expertise coupled with low operational costs and a high focus on Customer Service will ensure your business thrives and grows to a higher level.


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